Round Mirror with Arm & Bracket, Black, 41-64 Fords, Willys, & Jeeps

This CJ-style round mirror from Rugged Ridge comes with the arm and bracket and has a black powder coated finish.
SKU: OMX-11001.01


Rugged Ridge is an exciting brand developed to provide quality & functional Jeep accessories for the growing Jeep aftermarket. As a Division of Omix-ADA, the leader in replacement parts for Jeep vehicles, the Rugged Ridge pedigree is well established in the market. Rugged Ridge has created over 2,500 products that are custom designed to fit Jeep vehicles and even more are in the pipeline.


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This Part Fits

1941 Willys MB
1942 Willys MB
1943 Willys MB
1944 Jeep Willys
1945 Jeep Willys
1946 Jeep Willys
1947 Jeep Willys
1948 Jeep Willys
1949 Jeep Willys
1950 Jeep Willys
1951 Jeep Willys
1952 Jeep Willys
1953 Jeep Willys
1954 Jeep Willys
1955 Jeep Willys
1956 Jeep Willys
1957 Jeep Willys
1958 Jeep Willys
1959 Jeep CJ5
1960 Jeep CJ5
1959 Jeep CJ6
1960 Jeep CJ6
1960 Jeep CJ3
1961 Jeep CJ3
1962 Jeep CJ3
1963 Jeep CJ3
1964 Jeep CJ3
1965 Jeep CJ3
1966 Jeep CJ3
* fitment information is provided by manufacturer and accurate to our best knowledge. Please call to confirm if you are in doubt.