Differential Cable Lock Kit, 85-93 Dodge Ramchargers

This Differential Cable Lock Kit from Alloy USA fits 85-93 Dodge Ramchargers.
SKU: OMX-450450


The Alloy USA Differential Perma-Lock Kit Is A Permanent Replacement For The Failure Prone OE Vacuum Disconnect System. The Kit Permanently Engages The Central Axle Disconnect (Cad) And Couples Both Front Axles. Once Installed The Axles Will Automatically Engage As Soon As The Transfer Case Is Placed Into Four Wheel Drive


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This Part Fits

1985 Dodge Ramcharger
1986 Dodge Ramcharger
1987 Dodge Ramcharger
1988 Dodge Ramcharger
1989 Dodge Ramcharger
1990 Dodge Ramcharger
1991 Dodge Ramcharger
1992 Dodge Ramcharger
1993 Dodge Ramcharger
* fitment information is provided by manufacturer and accurate to our best knowledge. Please call to confirm if you are in doubt.