Jeep Wrangler Hemi Swap Specialists

If you're looking for the ultimate Jeep, pair a Hemi engine and a 2007+ Wrangler. We offer top of the line conversions. Each conversion includes: 

  • 100% new (not rebuild or re-manufactrered) parts, most are OEM Chrysler parts
  • New production line engine from Chrysler
  • New production line transmission from Chrysler
  • Custom programmed computer for specific engine swap in to JK
  • Custom wire harness for OEM look and performance
  • Exclusive 4WS.COM tuned headers specifically for JK Hemi conversions
  • AEM Dry Flow (or your choice of other brand) intake
  • Banks Engineering muffler (or your choice of other muffler)
  • 3" custom exhaust with all emissions equipment to meet your local regulations
  • Griffin aluminum radiator (we have never had any overheating problems with this radiator)

Hemi Swaps available:

  • 5.7L w/ 5 Speed Automatic
  • 5.7L w/ 6 Speed Manual
  • 6.1L w/ 5 Speed Automatic
  • 6.1L w/ 6 Speed Manual
  • 6.4L w/ 5 Speed Automatic
  • 6.4L w/ 6 Speed Manual
  • 7.0L w/ 5 Speed Automatic (Aluminum Block)
  • 7.0L w/ 6 Speed Manual (Aluminum Block)
  • 7.2L w/ 5 Speed Automatic (Aluminum Block)
  • 7.2L w/ 6 Speed Manual (Aluminum Block)
  • 7.4L w/ 5 Speed Automatic (Aluminum Block)
  • 7.4L w/ 6 Speed Manual (Aluminum Block)
  • Any of the above engines/tranmission combination can also be installed with a supercharger!  If you want power, the sky is the limit.

Why Choose 4WS.COM for your Hemi Swap?

We were one of the first companies in the country to do a JK Hemi swap, since then everybody and their brother seems to have become an "expert." We feel that we offer the best package by using almost all OEM parts for the swap, better relations with specialty companies that allows us access to the newest technology before many of our competitors and our courteous service. The main thing that makes 4WS.COM stand out from the rest is that we have researched and developed tuned headers specifically for this swap. Other companies will cut, section, grind and weld on your suspension mounts to make the stock headers fit. We believe that the stock suspension mounts should be left as engineered by Jeep, so we designed tuned headers that will deliver better performance than the OEM manifolds and fit better in our 2007 and newer Jeep Wranglers. If you agree with our method of thinking, then we are the right place for you.

Our company jeep runs a 6.1L Hemi. Since the swap our Jeep has been driven thousands of miles accross Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Arizona. We have wheeled it hard locally and at Moab. Our wheeling trips have seen us jump the Jeep, smoke the tires, rock crawl vertical walls, and much more. We haven't had a single problem with the swap. In addition we have experience installing the 5.7L Hemi in customer's vehicles.  If you are looking for the most extreme set ups, we were the very first company to install an all aluminum block Hemi in a Jeep when we installed a 7.0L Aluminum Hemi with the G56 6 Speed transmission in a 2007 Wrangler.

The Complete Package

4WS.COM is unique because we are a factory direct wholesale distributor for many brands. In addition to doing your Hemi conversion, we can install a lift kit, tires, wheels, axles, gears, seats, drive shafts, etc. While these upgrades are not required at the time of the Hemi install, we do offer discounts on parts and labor if we do everything at the same time. If you tell us your vision, we will make it happen. A few of the brands we handle are: Superlift, Skyjacker, Rubicon Express, Rock Krawler, Black Diamond, Superior Gear & Axle, Auburn Gear, Detroit lockers, ARB, Warn, Mile Marker, Pit Bull Tires, Corbeau Seats, Crow Harnesses, Tuffy Security Products, M.O.R.E., Rugged Ridge, Currie Enterprises and Dynatrac.

Call 1-800-954-0065 to schedule your swap today!