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Mopar Performance Dana 60 P5155083

The Mopar Dana 60 was released at the end of last week, part number P5155083. We have one on the way to check it out.

It comes in cheaper than any of the aftermarket options. Our concerns are:
Spline count
Locker type
Tube thickness
Gear availability
Yoke availability

We will know and post more by the end of the week.


  • This axle does not have a locker
  • This axle does have huge brakes compared to the stock JK
  • This axle uses c-clip axles!
  • The brakes use a different retainer than the stock, so you cannot swap these brakes on to your stock axle
  • This axle appears to have a 5x5.5 lug pattern
  • This axle is set up for leaf spring (spring under) suspension
  • It looks like this is the direct replacement for the J8 rear axle

This is still a Dana 60, so it would be a good upgrade from the stock Dana 44. The downsides are listed above. Our preference is still to build a SOLID® brand Dana 60 for the JK. After installing a locker, gears and yoke the price is about the same. Also, the SOLID® Dana 60 uses chromolly 35 spline non-c-clip shafts and is high-pinion for more ground clearance. We will be building a set of SOLID® 60s for our JK this winter, check back here for updates on that project.

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