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Hanson Offroad Rock Sliders

We've been playing Russian Roulette for the past couple years by not having any rocker protection. There are a few dents in the rockers because of this, but luckily nothing major. We waited so long to get rocker guards because there are very few options for JK rocker protection on the market that we liked.

Our Requirements:

  • Must bolt to the body to distribute force and maintain high ground clearance
  • Needs to have usable steps built in
  • Needs to be built with strong enough materials and workmanship to hold up to abuse
  • Needs to look good

We happened to have our booth set up right next to Hanson Offroad while set up in Moab for Easter Jeep Safari. It was the first time that we saw their design and we really liked it. After looking around at other designs for a while we decided to go with the Hanson on our Jeep because nothing else fit our needs as well as the Hansons.

Like pretty much every other Jeep project we waited until the week before leaving on a trip to order the parts. Luckily the UPS guy dropped the rocker guards off today, so we have the weekend to get them on. In reality, it doesn't look like it will take more than an hour to install them.


The Install

There are three body mount bolts that the rocker guards attach to. You will need to loosen those three (18mm socket) bolts enough to slide the guards above the washer, but under the rubber mount. You do not have to remove the bolt.

Now have a friend help you slide the rockers over the bolts and hold the guards up and against the body. Make sure the guard is held up high so that it doesn't slide up while you tighten the body bolts and scratch the paint. While one person holds the rocker guards up, tighten the body bolts.

Mark the five holes that need to be drilled in the side of the body. Remove the rocker guards (opposite of how you put them on). Drill out the holes enough to fit the supplied threaded inserts. The hole that is closest to the front of the vehicle will have two layers of metal to drill through to give the insert enough room to be fully installed, all other holes just have the outside sheet metal layer.

Installing the inserts is probably the trickiest part of the install. We stripped the allen head off the install tool supplied. We ended up getting a hex head bolt to finish the install. The star shaped washer should keep the insert from spinning while you hold the nut with a wrench and torque down the screw. As the screw is tightened the brass fitting will flare and secure itself to the sheetmetal. To give you an idea of how tight it will hold, the inserts pulled themselves in to the vinyl of our wrap as we tightened them. After installing a few inserts, the inserts might start to spin as you crank down on the screw. If that happens you can try flipping the star shaped washer over or use a new star washer to keep a good grip on the insert.

After all the inserts are installed put the rocker guards back on. Install the five side screws first, then tighten the body mount bolts. THAT'S IT!

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  1. Where do are you able to get the jk step rock slider

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