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SOLID Dana 60 Axle Build

A few weeks ago we assembled the SOLID axle assemblies. Here's a brief overview:

axle-flangeaxle-oil-galleysThe housings are top quality. They use .50" wall DOM axle tubes. The housings have threaded holes for top plate mounts, which is a much better option than welding to the cast differential. We ordered the front axle with the suspension mounts already welded in place. For the rear we ordered the axle with just the flanges attached since we are converting to rear leaf springs. Inside the differential, the housing has three oil galleys to keep the pinion bearings lubricated. Another great feature are the ARB air fitting holes drilled and tapped in the housing. You still have to drill or notch the carrier bearing caps, since those can be in different locations depending on the shim pack thickness.

arb-air-linelocker-on-benchFor our build we used 35 Spline ARB Air Lockers, Superior 5.38 reverse cut ring & pinions and Superior overhaul kits. The gears set up perfect on both axles and we even got the hole drilled in the carrier bearing caps for the air lines without any hassle. Notice that the SOLID housings have the carrier bearing caps marked with a letter in different orientations on each side so that you don't get them on wrong.

tone-ringThe rear reuses the stock brakes, the shafts have OE style tone rings pressed on. The stock wheel speed sensor is mounted in the stock location. The front comes with new 1/2 ton GM style brakes, but uses custom machined hubs that have teeth for the wheel speed sensors. There is also an aluminum ring that the stock wheel speed sensor bolts in. Since the sensor uses magnetics to sense the teeth on the hub, you don't have to worry about a little grease or dirt on the teeth.

hub1Once the bearings, seals rotor, studs, etc are all in place you can attach the hub assembly to the spindle using a Dana 60 4 prong spindle nut socket. Be sure to follow the recommended torque and back the nut off the proper amount to acheive the right preload on the bearings.

After the housings were assembled, putting them under the vehicle is fast and easy job. Most people will probably order complete axle assemblies, making this process a DIY job. We'll post more info on installing the axles and the rest of our winter build in another post.

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