Pit Bull Growler Tires - Bias Ply

Pit Bull Growler® All-Terrain EXTRA™ LT Bias Tires are some of the best mudding tires available for trucks, ATVs, Jeeps, and other off-roading vehicles, and are not quite all-terrain, but are more tame than Pit Bull Muddog tires. Made with tough rubber, deep lugs, sidewall protectors, and more, you won't have to worry about getting stuck in the mud on your off-road adventures with these heavy-duty rock crawler tires. Upgrade your trusty mudder with a brand new set of Pit Bull Growler Bias Ply Tires today, and don't hesitate to explore muddy trails, rocky cliffs, sand dunes, and other kinds of rugged terrain!
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Pit Bull Growler Bias Ply Features:

  • Real sidewall tire protectors that help shield your off-road vehicle's sidewall and rims from impact
  • Rim guards — gotta have ’em
  • All-bite, no bark™ noise-resistant technology
  • Sidewall traction designed using Fang™ technology - what's Fang™ Technology? Look at the pictures and see for yourself.
  • Construction/rubber designed using Tear It Up™ Technology for added cut, puncture and heat resistance, which translates into a longer lasting tire that provides many hours of hassle-free off-road adventures 
  • Deep lugs designed for excellent clean-out 
  • Sipes Strategically placed for maximum traction and easy clean-out
  • Cool sidewall designs Different style lettering on either side of the Rocker, Maddog, and other Tire Tattoos™
  • U.S. & Int’l Patented tread designs - We offer something that no one else does — you can see it for yourself in the pictures


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