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Pitbull Maddog Bias Ply Tire

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MADDOG® MUD TERRAIN LT BIAS Our LT Bias mud terrain dog designed for those who like off-roading and getting through the muck.
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Pit Bull Maddog Bias Ply Features:

  • Real Sidewall Protectors - that help protect the sidewall and rims from impact.
  • Rim Guards - gotta have ’em
  • All Bite No Bark™ noise resistant technology
  • Sidewall Traction designed using Fang™ Technology - what's Fang™ Technology? Look at the pictures and see for yourself.
  • Construction/rubber designed using Tear It Up™ Technology - what’s Tear It Up™ Technology? You can't tell from looking at our tires. It’s our secret on why our tires are so cut resistant, puncture resistant and heat resistant. Which translates into a longer lasting tire providing many hours of hassle-free Off-Road pleasure. 
  • Deep lugs - designed for excellent cleanout. 
  • Sipes - Strategically placed for maximum traction and easy cleanout.
  • Cool sidewall designs - Different style lettering on either side of the Rocker & Maddog and other Tire Tattoos™
  • U.S. & Int’l Patented tread designs - We have something that no one else has…you can see for yourself in the pictures.


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Part SKUs

Name Tire Size Wheel Size Part Number Price
Pit Bull Maddog 35x14.50-15 Bias Ply 35X1450-15LT 15 PBT-PB1450 $373.83
Pit Bull Maddog 35x14.50-16 Bias Ply 35X1450-16LT *Special Run 16 PBT-PB1452 $398.79
Pit Bull Maddog 35x14.50-17 Bias Ply 35X1450-17LT *Special Run 17 PBT-PB1456 $384.08
Pit Bull Maddog 35x14.50-20 Bias Ply 35X1450-20LT *Special Run 20 PBT-PB1458E $386.21
Pit Bull Maddog 39x14.50-15 Bias Ply 39X1450-15LT 15 PBT-PB2470C $397.18
Pit Bull Maddog 39x14.50-16 Bias Ply 39X1450-16LT 16 PBT-PB2472D $406.40
Pit Bull Maddog 39x14.50-16.5 Bias Ply 39X1450-16.5LT 16.5 PBT-PB2474D $411.70
Pit Bull Maddog 39x14.50-17 Bias Ply 39X1450-17LT 17 PBT-PB2476D $418.35
Pit Bull Maddog 39x14.50-20 Bias Ply 39X1450-20LT 20 PBT-PB2478D $428.64