Pit Bull Rocker Radial Tires - Maddog

The Pit Bull Maddog Mud Terrain Radial Tire is designed for full-size pickups and lifted trucks driven by serious off-road adventure enthusiasts who want increased load-carrying capacity, extra ground clearance, and overall off-road look & function coupled with excellent on-road characteristics. As one of Pit Bull's best truck mud tires and rock crawler tires, the Maddog model has earned the loyalty of many avid wheelers, mudders, and off-roaders across the country, and remains one of the best sellers out of all the Pit Bull Rocker Tires we carry at 4Wheelers Supply.
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  • Three circumferential groove channels
  • Most up-to-date M/T tire designed by the same Pit Bull Extreme Team™ that brought you the long-time proven Pit Bull lines of Bias Champion tires for serious trail riding and off-road terrains
  • Over-the-shoulder lugs & sidewall traction designed using our Fang® technology that wraps down the sidewall, adding extra strength and traction to the shoulder and sidewall areas. Our Pit Bull Extreme Team designs with a purpose, and one benefit of our staggered over-the-shoulder lugs is to help reduce excessive drag. Smart, huh?
  • Rounded edge tread blocks to help reduce tire wear and noise
  • Large tread blocks that offer better stability and enhanced handling at high speeds
  • Integrated sidewall protectors that help ward off sidewall cuts and abrasions
  • Chip and tear-resistant rubber compound that offers unparalleled toughness and long-lasting durability
  • Aggressive tread block design that allows multiple varied independent tread blocks to combine the best of the on- and off-road worlds
  • Wide voids that provide easy clean-out and reduce hydroplaning
  • Unique tread blocks that offer multiple varied lugs, edges, and siping, which help to maximize traction in extreme conditions
  • Staggered center lugs that increase biting edges for improved extreme weather and off-road use while helping to reduce noise
  • Sipes that are strategically placed for maximum traction and easy clean-out
  • Rim guards — gotta have ’em
  • Our tires kick ass — period.
  • U.S. & Int’l patented tread designs that mean we have something that no one else has — you can see for yourself in the pictures.


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