Pit Bull PBX A/T Hardcore All-Terrain Tire

Pit Bull PBX Features:
  • Designed with high-quality materials that are made in the USA!
  • An all-bite, no-bark design means that these tires hook up great and aren't noisy
  • Stepped lugs that are easy to clear out, increasing off-road traction
  • Over-the-shoulder lugs that give aggressive looks, a stronger sidewall, and better traction
  • Super siping delivers exception traction in wet and icey conditions
  • Three-ply sidewalls that deliver exceptional strength
  • Five circumferential groove channels to improve traction in wet conditions and reduce wear and noise
Wheel not included.
Price From: $327.25

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The Pit Bull brand has been known for its hardcore mudding, off-roading, and rock crawling tires for years. Now, Pit Bull offers a new all-terrain tire that delivers hardcore on-road performance as well. The Pit Bull PBX A/T tire is designed to provide superior traction, ride comfort, durability, and strength while performing in all weather conditions at the highest levels. That means these truck and Jeep mud tires are great for the snow, rain, and other rugged terrain.


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Awesome tires
R&G tire service Review by Gordo (Posted on 1/9/2016)
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