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Pitbull Rocker Bias Ply Tires

Pitbull Rocker Bias Ply Tires feature:

  • Exclusive rubber compound that resists cuts, punctures, chipping and chunking while providing amazing grip and tread life.
  • Wide voids to aide in cleaning mud and gunk out of the tread when wheeling.
  • Siping to give you extra grip in wet condition both on and off-road.
  • All Pitbull light truck tires are MADE IN THE USA!!!!!
  • Unique (wider) sizes
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Pit Bull Tires



Pitbull Rocker Bias Ply tires are the ultimate off-road tire.  The Rocker tread design allows for uncompromised traction, strength, wear and all-around off-road performance.  We recommend the Rocker Bias tire to customers looking for the best off-road tire on primarily off-road vehicles, such as buggies.  The Rocker Bias is DOT approved, but will give common bias ply characteristics on the road (like flat spotting).  For street use or a combination of street and off-road the Pitbull Rocker Radial is recommended.   The Pitbull Rocker Bias will provide a slightly stronger sidewall than the radial version due to the construction method.

Tires are sold individually.  Wheel not included.  Sizes marked "Special Run" have limited availability and production schedules, please call to check availability.


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They bite like a pit bull.Review by CJ
I already knew what I was buying as I have friends that have been running them for a while. I'm very pleased with the tires, and the service here is second to none. (Posted on 5/16/2016)

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Part SKUs

Name Wheel Size Tire Size Part Number Price
Pit Bull Rocker 33x13.50-15 Bias Ply 15 33X1350-15LT PBT-PB1240 $307.71
Pit Bull Rocker 35x14.50-15 Bias Ply 15 35X1450-15LT PBT-PB1250 $385.36
Pit Bull Rocker 37x13.50-15 Bias Ply 15 37X1350-15LT PBT-PB1260 $414.38
Pit Bull Rocker 39.5x16.50-15 Bias Ply 15 39.5X1650-15LT PBT-PB1270 $461.54
Pit Bull Rocker 33x13.50-16 Bias Ply 16 33X1350-16LT *Special Run PBT-PB1242 $316.66
Pit Bull Rocker 35x14.50-16 Bias Ply 16 35X1450-16LT *Special Run PBT-PB1252 $392.18
Pit Bull Rocker 37x13.50-16 Bias Ply 16 37X1350-16LT PBT-PB1262 $430.83
Pit Bull Rocker 39.5x16.50-16 Bias Ply 16 39.5X1650-16LT PBT-PB1272 $474.14
Pit Bull Rocker 33x13.50-16.5 Bias Ply 16.5 33X1350-16.5LT *Special Run PBT-PB1244 $321.78
Pit Bull Rocker 35x14.50-16.5 Bias Ply 16.5 35X1450-16.5LT *Special Run PBT-PB1254 $395.61
Pit Bull Rocker 37x13.50-16.5 Bias Ply 16.5 37X1350-16.5LT PBT-PB1264 $434.44
Pit Bull Rocker 39.5x16.50-16.5 Bias Ply 16.5 39.5X1650-16.5LT PBT-PB1274 $480.10
Pit Bull Rocker 33x13.50-17 Bias Ply 17 33X1350-17LT *Special Run PBT-PB1246 $319.22
Pit Bull Rocker 35x14.50-17 Bias Ply 17 35X1450-17LT PBT-PB1256 $391.34
Pit Bull Rocker 37x13.50-17 Bias Ply 17 37X1350-17LT PBT-PB1266 $431.67
Pit Bull Rocker 39.5x16.50-17 Bias Ply 17 39.5X1650-17LT PBT-PB1276 $469.45
Pit Bull Rocker 35x14.50-20 Bias Ply 20 35X1450-20LT PBT-PB1258E $403.29
Pit Bull Rocker 37x13.50-20 Bias Ply 20 37X1350-20LT PBT-PB1268E $435.29
Pit Bull Rocker 39.5x16.50-20 Bias Ply 20 39.5X1650-20LT PBT-PB1278E $507.84
Pit Bull Rocker 42x15-15 Bias Ply 15 42X15.0-15LT PBT-PB2280C $507.58
Pit Bull Rocker 44x19.50-15 Bias Ply 15 44X19.50-15LT PBT-PB2290C $661.73
Pit Bull Rocker 42x15-16 Bias Ply 16 42X15.0-16LT PBT-PB2282C $511.63
Pit Bull Rocker 44x19.50-16 Bias Ply 16 44X19.50-16LT PBT-PB2292C $722.20
Pit Bull Rocker 42x15-16.5 Bias Ply 16.5 42X15.0-16.5LT PBT-PB2284C $516.01
Pit Bull Rocker 44x19.50-16.5 Bias Ply 16.5 44X19.50-16.5LT PBT-PB2294C $677.60
Pit Bull Rocker 42x15-17 Bias Ply 17 42X15.0-17LT PBT-PB2286C $526.30
Pit Bull Rocker 44x19.50-17 Bias Ply 17 44X19.50-17LT PBT-PB2296C $700.32
Pit Bull Rocker 42x15-20 Bias Ply 20 42X15.0-20LT PBT-PB2288D $567.04
Pit Bull Rocker 44x19.50-20 Bias Ply 20 44X19.50-20LT PBT-PB2298D $727.93

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