Pitbull Rocker Radial Tires

Pitbull Rocker Radial Tires feature:

  • Exclusive rubber compound that resists cuts, punctures, chipping and chunking while providing amazing grip and tread life.
  • Wide voids to aide in cleaning mud and gunk out of the tread when wheeling.
  • A unique sound that is noticable, but not annoying when at highway speeds.
  • Siping to give you extra grip in wet condition both on and off-road.
  • All Pitbull light truck tires are MADE IN THE USA!!!!!
Price From: $337.71

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Pit Bull Tires



The Pitbull Rocker Radial is what we have found to be the best performing off-road tire that still offers streetable characteristics. The Rocker Radial uses the same amazing compound as the rest of the Pitbull line-up. The compound grips like a sticky compound, but has a strong bond that wears like a street tire. The result is a tire that grips the rocks when you're wheeling, wears good on the street and resists cuts and punctures. The aggressive tread design of the Pitbull Rocker allows the tire to clean mud and clay out of the tread, so you you get the full bite possible.

We have customers switch to the Pit Bull Rocker Radial from pretty much every other brand of tire on the market, but we rarely have a customer switch to a different brand from the Pit Bulls.

Pitbull tires are sold individually. Wheel not included. Tire sizes marked as "Special Run" have limited availability and limited production, call to verify availability.


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rockers Review by ledsled
Great tires ....... Run a set of 39.5 -16.5-16.5 for 5 years now ....... Still great tire !!!! (Posted on 12/15/2014)

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Part SKUs

Name Wheel Size Tire Size Part Number Price
Pit Bull Rocker 35X12.50R15 LT Radial 15 35X1250R15LT PBT-PB2250RC $337.71
Pit Bull Rocker LT315/75R16 Radial 16 LT315/75R16(E) PBT-PB2252RE $390.73
Pit Bull Rocker 35X12.50R17 E Radial 17 35X1250R17LT PBT-PB2256RE $420.61
Pit Bull Rocker 35X12.50R18 Radial 18 35X1250R18LT PBT-PB2257RE $442.67
Pit Bull Rocker 35X12.50R20 Radial 20 35X1250R20LT PBT-PB2258RE $447.32
Pit Bull Rocker 37X12.50R15 Radial 15 37X1250R15LT PBT-PB2260RC $398.67
Pit Bull Rocker 37X12.50R16.5 Radial 16.5 37X1250R16.5LT PBT-PB2264RE $485.51
Pit Bull Rocker 37X12.50R17 Radial 17 37X1250R17LT PBT-PB2266RE $449.98
Pit Bull Rocker 37X12.50R20 Radial 20 37X1250R20LT PBT-PB2268RE $463.47
Pit Bull Rocker 41.5X13.50R15 Radial 15 41.5X1350R15 PBT-PB1280RC $541.93
Pit Bull Rocker 41.5X13.50R16.5 Radial 16.5 41.5X1350R16.5 PBT-PB1284RD $571.03
Pit Bull Rocker 41.5X13.50R17 Radial 17 41.5X1350R17 PBT-PB1286RD $553.40
Pit Bull Rocker 41.5X13.50R20 Radial 20 41.5X1350R20 PBT-PB1288RE $578.90