3-Inch Stainless Steel Tube Steps, 04-09 Chevy & GMC Crew Cab

These 3-inch stainless steel tube steps from Outland Automotive fit 04-09 Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon crew cab pickups.
SKU: OMX-81593.09


If you own a truck or SUV, you need Outland Accessories. Outland features a full line of Truck / SUV Tube Steps, Bull Bars, All Terrain Floor Liners, Consoles and other functional accessories to make your rig look great and perform even better. Our rugged accessories have been performing on trucks, SUV's, and four wheel drive vehicles on construction sites, down highways, back roads, over the world's roughest for nearly two decades.


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This Part Fits

2004 Chevrolet Colorado
2005 Chevrolet Colorado
2006 Chevrolet Colorado
2007 Chevrolet Colorado
2008 Chevrolet Colorado
2009 Chevrolet Colorado
2004 GMC Canyon
2005 GMC Canyon
2006 GMC Canyon
2007 GMC Canyon
2008 GMC Canyon
2009 GMC Canyon
* fitment information is provided by manufacturer and accurate to our best knowledge. Please call to confirm if you are in doubt.