Spindle Nut Conversion Kit F1

Spindle Nut Conversion Kit F1 By Precision Gear
SKU: OMX-95-32720R


Precision Gear had its beginning over 25 years ago developing specialty application ring and pinion gear sets for race cars and off road vehicles. By continually applying the same performance criteria to each new product, Precision Gear has steadily grown and now offers the industry's largest selection of specialty gears. We also have a full line of high performance gears sets, bearing kits and locking differentials.


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This Part Fits

1978 Ford F-150
1979 Ford F-150
1980 Ford F-150
1981 Ford F-150
1982 Ford F-150
1983 Ford F-150
1984 Ford F-150
1985 Ford F-150
1986 Ford F-150
1987 Ford F-150
1988 Ford F-150
1989 Ford F-150
1990 Ford F-150
1991 Ford F-150
1992 Ford F-150
1993 Ford F-150
1994 Ford F-150
1995 Ford F-150
1996 Ford F-150
1997 Ford F-150
* fitment information is provided by manufacturer and accurate to our best knowledge. Please call to confirm if you are in doubt.