VERSA POD Speaker Enclosure (Without Speakers)

The Versa-Pods, easily installable speaker enclosures! The pair of Versa-Pods you receive will accept 4" speakers and can be mounted basically anywhere and in any type of vehicle!  The Versa-Pods have a flat bottom which makes installation a breeze!  (SPEAKERS NOT INCLUDED)

SKU: SEL-52308



Versa-Pods-”Anywhere you want it.”  You can mount these pair of Versa-Pods anywhere you want them, which gives you an enormous amount of choices!

Versa-Pods accept 4” full-range speakers of your choice*. Every pair of Versa-Pods includes self-tapping screws, wire grommets, poly-fill, and installation instructions. These pods are small enough to fit just about anywhere! Install them in any vehicle you have that needs speakers. Versa-Pods are more of a universal pair of speaker pods rather than being just for Jeepers, although they were created with Jeeps in mind. The unique shape of the pods and their flat bottom allow installation practically anywhere. Versa-Pods are mirror images of each other, one ‘left’ and one ‘right’; if you can’t get one of the pods to fit where you want, try the other pod and it just may work!

Jeeps of all styles will incorporate the Versa-Pods with style.  The pictures will give you an idea on how well they will fit anywhere in your vehicle.  The flat bottom of each pod is about 7” total length and 5” total width.

You may find that you don’t need to use the self-tapping screws that are included. You may wish to use other mediums to attach the pods, such as Velcro®, double-sided tape, maybe Loc-Tite® caulk. All of these can also work, depending on your specific needs. Just clean the necessary sides of the Versa-Pods with rubbing alcohol first to ensure the best bond to the plastic!

*Some 4” speakers with very large magnets (almost the same size as the speaker cones themselves) may not fit in Versa-Pods because they may hit the interior flat-bottom wall; a rarity, but it can happen.


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