Privacy Notice Security

We realize how important security is to you as a customer.  It is true that there are sites that do not go through the proper precautions when handling a customers personal information.  Anytime that information is collected from a customer for an order it is done so over a SSL Secure server.  No credit card information is ever sent by e-mail.  We must connect through a secure connection to retrieve all new orders and delete those orders after they have been processed.
We use in house custom built shopping cart software that keeps all of your credit card information safe with encryption. Privacy

We hate getting junk mail.  Chances are that you do too.  That's why we do not sell or use any of the personal information entered on our site for anything other than what you intend for it to be used for.  Names and addresses are stored to make ordering easier for loyal repeat customers and no other reason. When placing an order your IP address is captured and displayed on the final order page. This is not used for anything unless the order is believed to be fraudulent.

Fraudulent Orders

Due to the large amount of fraudulent orders recieved we have developed a common practice for dealing with them. We will attempt to contact the person using information provided on the order if an order is suspected of being fraudulant. If no contact is possible we will examine every aspect of the order including the originating IP address, name, phone numbers provided and any other information that is usable. If an order is deemed to be faudulant we reserve the right, at our discresion, to distribute teh partial card number and any information from the order to credit card faud systems. We will also use any and all of the information provided in any way. This includes, but is not limited to sharing the information with authorities, the actual card holder and anybody else that the information may benefit.

Personally Identifiable Information

Some features of this web site require storing your IP address, or in some cases sets a small cookie on your computer to keep track of who is who. We do not use this information for any other reason and inactive numbers are regularly deleted from our database to save space.

Overseas Orders Policy

We will no longer ship orders outside of the US with the possible exception of Canada. Canadian residents should e-mail to see about the possibility of shipping and an estimated price because the shipping prices posted on the website are for the lower 48 states only.