Core Charge Policy

Refundable Core Charge policy


Why am I charged a core charge?

Because we utilize used transmissions that we remanufacture or “build”, our business model requires a continuous cycle of cores for us to rebuild. If we cannot do a direct 'like for like' transmission swap, we must purchase one on the open market. The core charge covers our expense to purchase another similar transmission.  

How quickly can I expect my refund?

Once your used core is picked up, it generally takes between 2-5 days for it to arrive at our warehouse. Once it arrives at our warehouse, you can expect a refund in about 7 business days. If we are busy, the time to inspect your core may be extended.

What will prevent me from receiving my full refund?

Nearly all cores are returned without any issues, as long as some basic tasks are completed. First, you must drain all fluids. Second, please be sure to remove accessory items such as straps, shifters, etc. from the core., as we cannot guarantee they will be returned after being disassembled in our warehouse. In rare instances, customers return cracked cores which are not repairable and then, no refund is given. 

When you are ready to return your used core, you can contact us via email ( or phone (417-862-4946).  Please know that this process can take some time, but it is the best way for us to keep final costs down for our customers. Thank you for considering!